Your health should be one of your most prized possessions—if not the most. When it comes down to it, there are few things that can compare in importance. Maintaining a good quality of life and a healthy body is essential to a long and happy life. And not only does it do your body a world of good, but it also improves your mood, helps to process your emotions, and helps adequately handle the stresses of day-to-day life. So as you can imagine, in today’s busy and chaotic world, people often struggle with the daily upkeep of their minds and bodies—which is why many people have chosen to use a health and wellness app to realign their health priorities.

Health and wellness apps are an amazing byproduct of the Information Age’s countless technological advancements in all facets of our modern society. Health and wellness coaching used to be restricted to in-person, tightly scheduled sessions that made keeping up with it difficult for those with busier schedules and smaller budgets. But now, keeping your mind and body in the best shape has never been easier, thanks to these exceptional health and wellness apps! And though we may be a bit biased, we genuinely believe that Wellavi is the best health and wellness app one could ever want!

Our Wellavi health and wellness app offers a one-of-a-kind platform for both experienced coaches and dedicated individuals—like yourself—who are looking to better themselves in a holistic way. From an amazing user-friendly interface and an exciting challenge board to detailed insights and 24/7 support provided by your Wellavi community, staying on track with your routines and on schedule with your coach is made plain simple! Plus, our advanced AI algorithm will use your initial TrueSelf assessment to show you the Wellavi coaches that are best suited to help you with your individual needs and goals!

But we’ll get more into all that later. For this blog, we’re going to walk you through everything that needs to be known about what a quality health and wellness app looks like. And by the end, we think you’ll agree that the only health and wellness app that you’ll ever need—or want—is Wellavi! So let’s get into it by starting with a few of the basics.

What Is a Health and Wellness App?

A health and wellness app is simply a computer, tablet, or phone application that serves as a platform to help individuals to stay mentally and physically active to the best of their ability. These apps can significantly vary in terms of use and complexity. For example, one health and wellness app may focus on monitoring and aiding with your nightly sleep patterns, whereas another may offer a platform to connect with real-life coaches for online sessions—like Wellavi—that work to target your overall wellness in all aspects of life. Whichever health and wellness app you decide to choose will be entirely up to whatever it is that you are looking to gain from using it.

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What Types of Health and Wellness Apps Are There?

As we touched on in the section above, there are a variety of health and wellness apps that span all aspects of human wellness, from dieting and exercise to online mental health coaching and life advice. That being said, here are the most popular and frequently downloaded types of health and wellness apps:

Apps for Meditation and Relaxation

Meditation and relaxation apps are commonly used as a remote form of guidance that walks users through a variety of guided mental exercises. This can also include the use of various yoga positions and deep breathing exercises that can help to reduce anxiety and help negate restless sleep.

Apps for Sleep Advice and Analysis

Speaking of sleep, there are also plenty of apps out there that help you keep track of the quality of your sleep and subsequently provide advice on how to improve it. This tracking of your sleep can be done with manual sleep logs and questionnaires; however, some apps can use specific technologies such as audio recording or monitoring rings to analyze your sleep cycles.

Apps for Diet and Nutrition

Apps for diet and nutrition that are separate from apps for physical fitness are typically focused on providing users with the tools necessary to readjust their eating habits. These apps often include calorie counters and a database of food nutrition and can even use your height, current weight, and intended goals to help you piece together a dietary plan to ensure that you are constantly feeling your best.

Apps for Fitness and Physical Activity

One of the most popular kinds of health and wellness apps is designed to help users with their physical fitness and strategize optimal exercise routines that will help them reach their self-determined goals most efficiently. These apps can be as simple as a depository of pre-designed workout routines and tips or as complex as video conversations with personal trainers and custom-designed regimens for your unique body.

Apps for Holistic and Overall Wellness

There are also apps that take a comprehensive and holistic approach to health and wellness. What that means is that these apps—instead of choosing a niche—work as an all-in-one platform that provides their users whatever help they need within all aspects of their wellness, from their mental and physical health to their social and financial well-being.

The best of these holistic wellness apps—in our humble opinion—is Wellavi! That’s because our unique health and wellness app targets and assists with what we call the Six Dimensions of Wellness. We believe that these six dimensions perfectly encapsulate the various aspects of an individual’s well-being and that by addressing them each, we can greatly improve one’s overall well-being! These six dimensions are:

  1. Professional Wellness
  2. Social Wellness
  3. Mental Health and Wellness
  4. Financial Wellness
  5. Intellectual Wellness
  6. Physical Wellness

On Wellavi, you’ll find an array of friendly and personable wellness coaches who specialize in one, a few, or all six dimensions of wellness and are ready to help you with whatever you may need! However, for now, let’s continue with the blog!

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Features That Every Quality Health and Wellness App Should Have

Not every health and wellness app is created equal. As we’ve previously mentioned, these apps can vary significantly in the features that they provide. Some may provide too little to be of genuine use, while others may give too many and be a pain to navigate. A good health and wellness app will find the right balance of features and ensure that they only include those which will benefit its user base the most. Some of those essential health and wellness app features include:

Progress Tracking and Insights

First and foremost, everyone wants to be able to track their progress and see how far they’ve come on the journey toward better overall well-being. Not only does this instill confidence in users and help them to continue their progress with motivation moving forward, but it also serves as a valuable tool for insights on what wellness strategies are working and which aren’t.

Professional Coaching

It can be difficult to get onto a healthy wellness routine all by yourself. That’s why a good health and wellness app should have some form of coaching available for its users. Whether this is pre-recorded videos, lectures, and FAQs or face-to-face video sessions that allow for users to engage with wellness professionals in quality conversations as we offer here at Wellavi, the support of a wellness coach can make all the difference when it comes to improving your overall well-being!

Community Features

Professional coaching, however, isn’t always enough. A top-of-the-line health and wellness app should have plenty of options for fostering and communicating with a community of like-minded individuals who are all seeking to empower themselves. The ability to show off your success stories and struggles with others will not only bolster your confidence in yourself, but it just may be the pep talk someone else in your community needs to keep trying!

Streamlined Communications and 24/7 Support

Everybody hates unresponsive customer service and glitchy messaging apps. So when you’re considering whether or not to keep using a health and wellness app, make sure that communication between yourself and any support staff is transparent and straightforward. And for apps that have personal wellness coaches, communication and scheduling should never leave you feeling frustrated.

But why bother with that frustration at all when you can avoid it altogether? If you’re looking for a high-quality, hassle-free health and wellness app that has all these fantastic features and more, be sure to give Wellavi a try!

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The Benefits of Using a Top-Notch Wellness App

Though the features listed above are absolutely beneficial in and of themselves, we’d like to go over a few additional benefits that you’ll definitely want to know about! Those benefits include:

An Improved Mental State

Whether you’re finding success using a sleep app, meditation app, or general wellness app, then the first benefit you’ll notice is an improved state of mind. This is the crux of why these apps exist in the first place, so without this initial benefit, nobody would even bother! Plus, even exercise wellness apps will help improve your mental state since the body’s physicality and mental health are very closely linked.

A Healthier Body

The second most important benefit is, of course, the positive impact on your body that the use of a health and wellness app can bring into your life. By following your favorite exercise routines or the personalized plan that you crafted alongside your physical wellness coach, you’ll find that you can lose weight easier, your heart will be healthier, and your mind will be happy and focused!

Fun Fact: Getting frequent, quality sleep improves your body’s overall health and has been known to help make weight control much easier. So if you’re using a sleeping aid app, you may also notice that your body feels a lot better than it used to!

The Convenience

The whole point of these apps is predicated on the fact that it is easier than managing in-person wellness sessions, so convenience is crucial when it comes to a quality health and wellness app. Apps like Wellavi make getting on functional wellness routines a breeze, and since all coaching sessions are held remotely, scheduling and rescheduling are a breeze!

The Cost-Efficiency

Though some may enjoy in-person interactions with their wellness coach, that enjoyment can come at a much higher price tag than wellness sessions through a health and wellness app. The lack of a physical meeting place, such as a gym or office space, dramatically reduces the cost of wellness coaching through a health and wellness app. Plus, easy rescheduling means that you won’t lose out on money if an emergency happens and you have to miss a pre-scheduled session!

The Community

Finally, the sense of community one can find with fellow wellness enthusiasts is the cherry on top of all the other amazing benefits of a health and wellness app! Not only can you build meaningful connections with your chosen life coaches, but you may also even make a friend or two along the way during group wellness sessions like those available on Wellavi!

A Comprehensive Approach to Wellness and Health With Wellavi

Now that we’re at the end of this blog, you may be wondering: why is the information in this blog important for those looking for the right health and wellness app for their needs? Well, if you want all the fantastic features and benefits mentioned above that will help you take control over and rebalance your six dimensions of wellness, then all you need to do is download Wellavi!

Once you’ve installed the Wellavi app on your preferred device and created your account, you’ll be greeted with our TrueSelf and TrueCoach assessments. These simple evaluations will help us to provide a perfectly balanced user experience that will pair you with a selection of the finest wellness coaches available who are uniquely experienced to help with your exact needs. And with a judgment-free platform to engage in a variety of one-on-one and group sessions, your only regret will be not having gotten our app sooner! That’s because we want you to reap the benefits of true, holistic wellness—the Wellavi way!

So, don’t wait any longer—begin your journey with Wellavi today and experience what it can feel like to be a new you!

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