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Your PersoNal Wellness Insights Revealed

Welcome to a transformative coaching experience…

Wellavi is a platform unlike any other, combining our proprietary Six Dimensions of Wellness approach with advanced AI to curate a personalized experience for users and flexible business model for coaches. 

Whether you want t
o find more satisfaction in your work, learn how to manage anxiety, develop the tools to tackle financial burdens, tap into your creativity, or any other goal you have in mind, Wellavi offers actionable support to help you achieve your personal best in any aspect of life.
Through our Live Coaching sessions, On-Demand programs, and Community Support, ONLY Wellavi helps you find your TrueSelf, set goals, be matched with a perfect coach, participate in motivating challenges, and earn badges – all with a daily support system of resources

Plus, the Wellavi Community is always there for social connection and support when you need inspiration to stay on track with your health and wellness goals.

Your Personal Wellness Insights Revealed …

Structured interviews to dig deeper into your feeling are sometimes invasive, expensive, and time-consuming.

Our proprietary TrueSelf intelligence tool is a self-guided and easy to understand exercise that walks you through a series of selections, uniquely based around colors and numbers, and delivers highly relevant insights and a personalized report specific to you.

Based on its findings, Wellavi will suggest ideal coaches, or you can hand-select a coach from the Marketplace to kick off your journey.

Create more balance in your day

Stay on track with your goals

Customize your wellness journey

Explore challenges that create healthy habits

Reach your fullest potential with the custom guidance of TrueSelf intelligence


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One-of-a-kind approach

Wellavi provides an effective person-first approach to mental health and wellness, enriching the quality of life, and helping you achieve forward progress towards your goals.

How It Works …

Download the Wellavi app (launching this month!) or sign up on the web app today.

Take our proprietary TrueSelf assessment, which identifies your unique well-being insights based on the Six Dimensions of Wellness.

Get matched with a certified coach OR hand select your ideal coach from our Marketplace.

Schedule your first 1:1 coaching session, hop on a group session, or set your own pace in our on-demand programs, working on any or all of the Six Dimensions that you want or need.

After your first session, you can pay, schedule, and receive ongoing coaching, all conveniently located on the Wellavi platform.

Physical Well-Being

Physical activity, diet, and general lifestyle.

Intellectual Stimulation

Application of intellectual and creative abilities.

Professional Growth

Work satisfaction and enrichment.

Financial Stability

Current and future personal and family financial security.

Mental Health

Psychological and emotional wellbeing.

Social Connections

Interpersonal relationships, a sense of connection, and support system.

It’s Your daily motivation, all in one place!

Wellavi is an all-in-one app that works as your daily support system. Instead of using different apps for coaching, wellness, fitness, diet, and nutrition (the list goes on!), Wellavi combines all of these functions, giving you one place to go for whole-person support.

Get the support you need from 1:1 live coaching, group sessions, or on-demand, set goals, find the tools you need to achieve your goals, participate in motivating challenges, and earn badges through gamification. The broader Wellavi Community is there to support you, challenge you and celebrate your victories!

New to the Idea of a personal coach?

Long story short…life is hard! Many people choose to reach for additional support not just to survive but to thrive in the every day.

Private 1:1 coaching provides a judgment-free zone to field ideas and practice new skills to help you perform at your fullest.

The Wellavi Difference …

The Wellavi approach is designed to help users achieve harmony and balance, not just in work, but in family, home, domesticity, and parenthood, and everything follows for a more balanced life. Wellavi’s goal is to improve the quality of life for millions of individuals around the world! Ready to get started? We are currently welcoming a select number of individuals to participate in our prelaunch.

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To make the most of your visit today, tell us a little about yourself! Are you an individual looking to improve your mental health and well-being? Are you an organization looking for insightful new ways to help keep your team on the right track? Or are you a professional coach interested in working with our platform? 

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