Wellavi Payment Schedule 

Coach Earnings: Wellavi coaches may charge any rate they choose for their live coaching sessions or packages. There is currently no minimum or maximum rate that coaches must charge.

Platform Fee: Wellavi will deduct a percentage from the Coach Earnings as a Platform Fee.  This Platform Fee is a percentage of the total amount coaches have chosen to charge users and is based on the coaches’ active subscription plan and any applicable promotions. Currently available subscription plans and their corresponding Platform Fee percentages are as follows:


$0 Monthly

  • Full Access to all Coaching Tools
  • 20% Platform Fee for Sessions



$49 Monthly

  • Full Access to all Coaching Tools
  • 15% Platform Fee for Sessions



$99 Monthly

  • Full Access to all Coaching Tools
  • 10% Platform Fee for Sessions


Marketplace Fee:  a 4% Processing Fee applies to all payments related to coaching sessions or packages paid by users. This is in addition to and separate from any other fees described in this Payment Schedule. 

Coach Account Fee: Wellavi will cover many fees such as coach payment accounts on our payment platform.  Furthermore, Wellavi does not charge any video, audio license fees like Microsoft Teams or Zoom and no virtual calendars fees. 

Passive Earnings from Wellavi Content Library: Coaches will have the opportunity to submit their original content to Wellavi for approval for platform-wide distribution. Coaches will be compensated for such approved and distributed content based on Wellavi’s Monthly Subscriber Revenue, which is defined as the amount of on-demand revenue (amount of subscriptions paid by Users)  the platform generates monthly, excluding any live coaching revenue (amount of Coaching sessions paid by Users)  and live coaching credits (amount of credits toward coaching sessions paid by Users)

 Every month, 30% of Wellavi’s Monthly Subscriber Revenue will be set aside for distribution to those Coaches who create engaging, approved content (the “Content Compensation Fund”). Distribution of the Content Compensation Fund to eligible Coaches will be based on the type of content that is created and how many Users engage with the Coach’s content, as determined solely by Wellavi. The Content Compensation Fund will be allocated  as follows:

20% paid out for short-form content (blog articles approximately 1500 words in length or short videos on educational topics)

40% paid out for coaching videos (pre-recorded coaching sessions of 15 or 30 minutes)

40% paid out for challenges (wellness challenges prescribing set tasks for users for a set period of time)

Coaches can also distribute content to their community of Users, but this content does not need to be pre-approved by Wellavi and Coaches will NOT be compensated for this content.  

How often do you get paid? Coaches can withdraw available funds from their Stripe accounts at any time by requesting payment (minimum withdrawal amount is $50).  Funds are available 15 days after a coaching session ends unless the funds are on hold.  Examples of holds are a User dispute or an administrative issue such as a missing W9. An eligible Coach’s share of the Content Compensation Fund for each month will be available on the 15th day of the following month. A withdrawal request will take in general between 2 to 5 business days to be processed but could take up to 14 calendar days.

We retain the right to modify our payment schedule and compensation model at any time, with or without prior notice.