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Emplolyee Wellness and App Solution

Welcome to the Age of the Whole Employee

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Professional GROWTH

Promoting workplace retention, balance, and morale

financial wellness smart spending man


Increasing financial literacy and smart spending practices

mental wellness employee wellbeing

Mental health

Keeping your employees mental and emotional wellbeing top of mind

intellectual wellness team continuing  education on laptop

Intellectual Stimulation

Encouraging intellectual goals and continuing education

social wellness relationships

Social connections

Improving social relationships inside and outside of the workplace

physical wellness and healthy habits exercising

Physical Well-being

Motivating healthy habits

The Perfect Solution …

Built with the employer and employees in mind, Wellavi is a comprehensive personal wellness and development platform that combines coaching, assessment, monitoring and development and takes a whole-person approach to the Six Dimensions of Wellness to achieve greater well-being across all aspects of personal and professional life.

By addressing wellness from a multifaceted approach, Wellavi solves for decline in individuals’ mental health due to feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, isolation, and burnout, and we solve employers’ challenges, such as low engagement, performance, and retention that happen as a result.

Our approach encompasses:

Professional Growth

Financial Stability

Intellectual Stimulation

Physical Well-Being

Social Connection

Mental Health

Why Wellavi Works

Our program is one-of-a-kind and  takes a whole-person approach to employee well-being.

As businesses, we want to see our employees productive and performing, but it is important to remember that the teams we depend on are humans with lives outside of work, with emotions, stressors, and needs that make up the whole of who they are behind their employee number.

Your staff is your most invaluable resource, so taking the time to ensure they are happy and thriving will forge a relationship unlike any other. Showing your team you are invested in them to help them live their most fulfilling life, will create a strong sense of loyalty to your organization and ultimately improve engagement and retention.

Investing in your people is investing in your business’s success. Period.

Did you Know:

12 billion work days are lost each year due to depression

$17-$44 billion is the average cost of depression to employers each year

$1 trillion is the total cost of depression and anxiety disorders to the global economy per year

147% is the additional cost to businesses of employees who report being depressed and/or unable to manage stress

1 Depression Evaluation Measures, CDC
2 Mental health in the workplace, WHO
3 Mental Health in the Workplace Study, Wellable

The Catalyst …

COVID shook things up and showed employees it is not just job security they value. Employees want greater work/life balance, care and feeding of their mental health, and respect for their personal lives outside of work. It pushed employees to think about what they want and need from their employer and what they won’t stand for. 

The Effect …

The workforce has fundamentally shifted since prepandemic times. Top trends impacting businesses that were accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic include:

Workplace effects on mental health, as employees feel stressed, depressed, and burned out

Greater interest in work/life balance, flexible working arrangements, and financial well-being

Rising concern on mental and social health due to pandemic-related isolation

Sharp rise in interest rates and expectations for employer benefits

Higher expectations for employer action on employee mental health and wellness

Volatility in job satisfaction

The Solution …

Wellavi is a comprehensive personal well-being and development platform that combines personal and group coaching, assessment, monitoring, and development and takes a whole-person approach to the Six Dimensions of Wellness to achieve forward motion across all aspects of life.

Wellavi solves for decline in individuals’ mental health due to feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, isolation and burnout. We further solve for employers’ problems of low engagement, performance and retention that happen as a result.

professional development wellness employee morale

Professional Development

Wellavi offers resources to promote employee professional development, from a one-on-one coaching style to interactive team-building exercises to promote synergy in your workforce. 

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Employee Retention

Keep your employees happy, and keep them longer by providing resources that promote employee engagement and open access to what they need when they need it.

Offering mental health and wellness resources

Providing access to expert coaches in their field

24/7 access to everything they need, at work or home

workplace satisfaction happy employee

Workplace Satisfaction

Employees respond with higher degrees of engagement and productivity when their holistic needs are being met and they feel valued at work. 

By proactively providing employees with the resources they need before they ask for them, it shows you are actively engaged with them

Addressing your employees’ wellness from a six- dimensional approach provides them with long-term solutions

The more satisfied your employees are with their workplace, the more effort they will put forward in their work