Finding Your Perfect Personal Development Coach

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Healthy living is an essential piece of the puzzle when it comes to living a fulfilled and happy life. But how do we get there? There are plenty of methods for cultivating a healthier lifestyle such as meditation and dietary regimens to exercise routines and healthier self-talk. However, even if you’ve created a solid, thriving foundation from which to live your life, it can sometimes remain difficult to achieve your loftier aspirations and professional goals. And that’s why so many ambitious individuals like yourself have found the guidance they need with the help of a personal development coach.

A professional personal development coach can help you build a path forward that will better help you in achieving your goals, both short-term and long-term. Whether you’re struggling to make the right moves in order to receive that long-awaited promotion or you’re a creative person looking to make the right steps in finding a successful career in their craft, a personal development coach could be exactly what you need! But you can’t just let any random, unproven personal development coach guide your professional decisions—you’ll need a certified personal development coach from right here on Wellavi!

Wellavi is a revolutionary platform in the world of wellness that works to connect users from all around the world with a custom-tailored selection of wellness coaches that have a proven track record of success in helping folks like you achieve their personal and professional goals. From physical and mental health wellness coaches to holistic life and personal development coaches, our advanced  Wellavi TrueSelf assessment will ensure that you find a personal development coach that will suit your needs best. Through one-on-one sessions, group conversations, and a variety of motivating challenges, you’ll wish you had found a personal development coach with Wellavi sooner!

But what is it that a personal development coach really does, and what kind of changes would someone want to see in their life that one of our Wellavi coaches could help with? In this blog, we’re going to answer those two questions and many more—beginning first with the basics of personal development coaching. So buckle up, and let’s get going!

What Is a Personal Development Coach?

The basic definition of a personal development coach is a professional wellness coach that works with their clients to help them achieve their goals—whether they’re personal, creative, professional, or all three. This is done through active listening, clear goal-setting, worldview shifting, behavioral changes, and a variety of other means specifically focused on achieving those goals.

This can also involve helping clients develop the skills that are needed to successfully attain the goals they’ve worked together to lay out. To put it even more simply: it’s about identifying a struggle and finding the most effective way to resolve it.

Are There Different Types of Personal Development Coaches?

There are different types of personal development coaches insofar as you’ll find personal development coaches with more experience in or a professional focus on certain fields and areas of expertise. Meaning any personal development coach will be able to help handle the tasks required of their job as described above. However, one with experience in the same areas that you’re looking for help within will be sure to offer more unique, specific advice.

For example, a young professional looking for help moving upward in a career path in accounting will certainly find a personal development coach more helpful if they, too, have experience within an accounting career (or one similar enough to it). Likewise, a painter looking to get their work displayed in galleries may want to consult a personal development coach with a proven history of helping creative individuals achieve their goals.

What a Personal Development Coach Isn’t

Although Wellavi also works with life coaches, a personal development coach is not a life coach. Though they may very often touch upon the same subjects and pull from similar, tried-and-true wellness teachings, their end goals are sufficiently different to warrant an important distinction. Life coaches work to help their clients by taking a holistic approach to their overall wellness. This means touching on aspects such as physical fitness, mental health, professional stability, and social wellness and working to improve them to create a much better overall life and lifestyle. The end goal is ultimately an increased general well-being. And that’s where personal development coaching is different.

Personal development coaching is directly focused on attaining a specific goal (or set of goals) as opposed to an all-encompassing increase in wellness. This can range from helping a client take the steps needed to achieve a promotion within their career that they’ve had trouble with to helping a client prepare for an upcoming major life event such as a retirement or major housing relocation.

Put simply: life coaches actively work towards general well-being, whereas personal development coaches actively work towards achieving specific, designated goals.

The Signs of a Quality, Trustworthy Personal Development Coach

Now that you know what a personal development coach is and what they do, it is also helpful to know how to differentiate a good coach from a bad coach. Personal development coaches have to work with the utmost care and professionality since their work can drastically affect their clients’ lives. As such, it makes complete sense that you, as a client, would want to ensure that you’re getting the best advice possible for your unique needs. Simply imagine the distress one would feel after taking bad advice from a disreputable coach and having it ruin their current path towards achieving their aspirations.

That’s why personal development coaches need to meet the highest standards of their professions. But not only that, they need to love what they do and exhibit the following few traits that can make or break a personal development coach’s credibility:

Proven and Professional

First and foremost, when it comes to finding the right personal development coach for your needs, they should exhibit a high level of professionalism and have proven themselves in their field with a variety of certifications and success stories. In terms of professionalism, that means that your coach should engage with you politely, respectfully, and with boundaries that are always comfortable for their clients. Their coaching skill and quality decision-making and judgment should also be clearly apparent.

And as we’ve mentioned several times already, a track record of success is essential. Whether that means they are a veteran of the coaching trade with years of experience and satisfied clients or a newcomer to the field with all the right certifications and training, always choose a personal development coach with enough experience to make you feel comfortable entrusting your future decisions with them.

Empathetic and Communicative

In the same vein as the traits above, a quality personal development coach will also need to be empathetic in order to offer constructive, effective advice and be communicative enough to make those suggestions clear and approachable. An empathetic coach will be able to put themselves in your shoes and truly understand the feelings that you relay to them. This will help your coach tailor their feedback to best address your thoughts, feelings, and concerns with the most practical advice.

But utilizing that empathy to its fullest requires a high level of communication skills. Being able to process a client’s emotions and think of helpful resolutions is meaningless unless they can articulate those suggestions clearly. When it comes to personal development, taking the right steps toward success is essential—which is why any advice a good personal development coach offers should be direct and unambiguous.

Flexible and Understanding

With that empathy and communication skill, a top-notch personal development coach like ours here at Wellavi will also be flexible and understanding when it comes to scheduling, timing, and progress. Life can be hectic at times between handling our professional lives, social relationships, and personal ambitions, and there are unending reasons why scheduling conflicts might arise. A good personal development coach will respect that and will be more than happy to reschedule your wellness sessions.

Moreover, the road toward achieving your goals is never as easy as we’d all like it to be. As such, there are countless things that can slow or speed up someone’s progress in achieving the goals they’ve laid out with their personal development coach. That means that your coach should have a “go with the flow” attitude during the coaching process while still ensuring that you’re making decent progress along the path to success.

Dedicated and Passionate

Last but certainly not least, any personal development and wellness coach should be dedicated to their trade and passionate about doing the best job that they can for every one of their clients. If a coach has all of the previous traits that we’ve listed above, they’ll certainly check these boxes off as well.

Their credibility and professionality show that they are dedicated to what they do. Their empathetic and understanding demeanor shows that they have a passion for helping those around them and those who hire them for personal development coaching. And when you search for your coach through Wellavi, you’re sure to find a qualified personal development coach that has all these traits and more!

Do I Need A Personal Development Coach?

So, now you know what a personal development coach is and how to weed out to good ones from the bad ones. But why might you even need a personal development coach in the first place? Well, there are countless reasons why one might consider scheduling sessions with a trained personal development coach. But before we dive into those, there are a handful of questions that you’ll want to ask yourself. This will help not only to decide whether or not you would benefit from personal development coaching but also to narrow down and find out exactly what it is that you want help with.

Some of these questions you’ll want to ask yourself can include the following:

Are you looking to improve the status of your career?

Oftentimes people find themselves stuck in a rut at work. Whether the rut is being perpetuated by a change in workplace conditions and job description or by a growing dissatisfaction with the job and difficulties moving upwards in a given career, it can lead to a loss of productivity, more stress, and a general mood of unhappiness. And this can happen in any occupation; it isn’t strictly reserved for career paths in workplaces with rigid hierarchies and paths to the top. Thankfully, a personal development coach will be able to help.

Are you looking to reinvigorate yourself and better handle your stress and burnout?

Having the energy and enthusiasm to approach each and every day with vigor is something everyone strives for, but the day-to-day stresses of life and work can begin to wear down on you over time, no matter who you are. If you’re struggling with feelings of mental exhaustion, irritation, apathy, or melancholy due to the various stressor in your life, a personal development coach can help. And once again, stress and burnout can afflict anyone from any walk of life, regardless of whether you’re the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation or an artist stuck in the trenches of a stress-induced creative block.

Would you like to be better at time management and making the most of your day?

If outside factors aren’t the immediate cause of your stress or dissatisfaction but rather your own shortcomings involving time management and productivity, a personal development coach can help you too. As we said earlier, life can be chaotic while juggling your personal and professional life, all while striving towards your ambitious goals. That makes it difficult sometimes to make the most out of your time and can even cause you to miss important events or deadlines. And as wasted time begins to pile up, it can begin to overwhelm many people.

Are you looking to be more confident in your interpersonal relationships?

Personal development coaches offer much more than just career advice—they’re personal development coaches for a reason. If you’re someone who struggles with creating and maintaining good interpersonal relationships or has trouble with cutting out harmful and toxic relationships, some personal development coaching may be just what you need to rejuvenate your social interactions. Unresolved difficulties with social interaction and relationships can lead to lost opportunities, burned bridges, and loneliness.

Would you like help achieving a happier and more fulfilling life?

Though general wellness is more typically in the scope of what a life coach does (as we differentiated earlier), personal development can still help you work towards a happier, more fulfilled life by helping you achieve the life and career goals that you feel are necessary to make that happy life a possibility. Whatever it is that you are looking for professional help with, a coach will be able to work with you to lay out a direct course of action to best achieve the happier life that you’re striving for

So if you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, then you may absolutely love finding your very own personal development coach right here on Wellavi!

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Everything That a Personal Development Coach Can Do for You!

You may have already gathered a good idea of what exactly a personal development coach can do for you, but we’d like to lay it out here concretely! A personal development coach can help with the following:

Career Improvement

Our careers are what pay the bills, feed us our favorite foods, keep a roof over our heads, and give us some extra money on the side to have a little fun every now and then. That’s why finding satisfaction in your chosen career path is an essential part of our lives. As such, a personal development coach will offer useful advice and professional recommendations that will alleviate any work-related frustrations that you may be experiencing. They’ll also help you to develop the skills you may need to finally get that long-awaited promotion!

Attitude and Mindset Improvement

Attitudes and mindsets can greatly influence how we view ourselves, others, and the world around us. Unhealthy attitudes and mindsets can sour our relationships with others and make every life event we experience less beautiful and exciting than it should be. It can also have a negative impact on your career and any personal pursuits that you may have. So if that is something you may be struggling with, a personal development coach can help reframe your mindset and shift your attitude towards thoughts that are more optimistic and self-empowering.

Stress and Burnout Management

It can happen to the best of us. Burnout is just a natural byproduct of too much time spent under constant stress. As you can imagine, this can put a strain on everything from personal relationships and work productivity to creative endeavors and mental health. With the help of an effective personal development coach—one like you might find right here on Wellavi—you will be able to find help with implementing stress management solutions so that your path to success will no longer be burdened by burnout!

Time and Productivity Management

Much like stress and burnout, poor time management and lacking productivity can wreak havoc on both your personal and professional lives. A personal development coach will help you counteract any bad habits that are causing your untimeliness and loss of productivity by helping you find a schedule that works best for you, as well as a variety of other measures that work to ensure that you are able to achieve your goals on a realistic timeline.

Interpersonal Relationship Help

Finally, one of the most common things that personal development coaches help their clients with is interpersonal relationships. Whether your goal is to conquer your social anxiety in order to put yourself out there and find the love of your life, or you’re looking to achieve the professional social skills needed to take a big step up in your career path, a coach can help you practice your social skills and cultivate the right mindset to make the most out of every conversation and social interaction.

And with the help of a Wellavi personal development coach, there’s little that you won’t be able to achieve!

Why You Should Work With a Pro Personal Development Coach

Are you still with us? Good. At this point, you may be asking yourself. “Why bother with finding a coach? There are plenty of resources out there for me to tackle my personal development all by myself!” And if that works for you, then great! There’s nothing stopping you from the dedicated pursuit of self-improvement. However, for many people, working with a trained professional and having someone to converse with can offer a variety of benefits over self-help, such as:


For many people, the drive to help themselves burns bright, and they’re ready to make the changes they want to see in their life; however, without accountability, many may end up slacking off and eventually failing in their progress. If nothing else, a personal development coach acts as a source of accountability to keep you on the right track and passionate in your pursuits. 

With someone like one of our Wellavi coaches to periodically check in on you and help you along your journey, it’s not only a helpful reminder that you’re not alone if you ever find yourself struggling, but it is also a great motivator since your coach will be able to show you just how far you’ve come since you first started!

Constructive Criticism

Secondly, a personal development coach will be able to offer constructive criticism where you might have developed blind spots. Self-reflection and critique are difficult for a lot of people, and even for those who are capable of it, we all naturally develop blindspots to parts of our day-to-day lives and behaviors. Having someone that can offer an outside perspective will allow you to address the current issues that you’re facing as well as reconcile any others that you may not have even realized were there!

A Second Opinion

Finally, in the same vein as having someone available to offer constructive criticism, a coach can also offer a second opinion on any problems that you may be having difficulties resolving on your own. Whether you had an idea that could speed up your progress towards your designated goals or you simply had a concern that you had questions about, a professional second opinion can help you make the best decision possible.

All of these benefits, matched with the many other amazing aspects of personal development coaching that we’ve discussed throughout this blog, should be reason enough to consider finding a personal development coach. Plus, it can’t hurt to try—you can rely on them as much or as little as you’re comfortable with and can stop at any time if you aren’t wholly satisfied with the experience!

Why You Should Choose Wellavi to Find Your Personal Development Coach

As we stated early on in the introduction to this blog, Wellavi is a top-of-the-line wellness app that is revolutionizing how users and coaches alike approach their wellness journeys. With Wellavi, it has never been easier for users like yourself to find a personal development coach that can effectively help you with whatever wellness needs you may have. That’s because our platform is truly like no other and was designed to create a next-gen personalized experience for every single user. The entire process is streamlined for your convenience, simple to use to ensure your success, and engaging for your continued satisfaction with the results you’re sure to find when you approach your wellness the Wellavi way.

Let’s go over how it all works.

How Wellavi Works

Once you’ve launched Wellavi, you’ll begin the process of making your account. After you’ve entered any relevant personal information and established your account, you’ll be prompted to take our proprietary Wellavi TrueSelf (and coaches will head to Wellavi TrueCoach) assessments. These assessments serve to gather information about your lifestyle, personality, and the current state of your wellness, as well as your desired goals and outcomes from your sessions with your future Wellavi coach. And this is where it gets interesting.

With that information, our advanced AI algorithm will digest that information and curate a completely unique and personalized wellness experience just for you. From matching you with the right selection of coaches that might interest you and allowing you to pick whichever one you’d like to offering you helpful wellness insights and engaging wellness challenges, you’ll quickly understand why we proudly boast that Wellavi is truly like no other wellness app around. 

But you may be wondering exactly how our nifty little AI does this. Well, it’s no secret, so we’ll tell you! Our algorithm curates your experience by running the information you provided through our Six Dimensions of Wellness.

The Six Dimensions of Wellness

The Six Dimensions of Wellness are the foundation of what we do here at Wellavi. To put it simply, these dimensions are how we view and approach every user’s unique state of wellness. They offer up a holistic insight into one’s wellness, and by fine-tuning our coach’s services through this lens, we strive to not only help our users with their individual goals but also to improve their lives in every aspect achievable.

The Six Dimensions of Wellness are as follows:

Professional Wellness

The professional aspect of your wellness involves—as you may have guessed—your success and satisfaction within your work life. When your professional life is out of balance, it can greatly affect all other facets of your wellness. By helping our users develop a healthier relationship with their work, they can begin to rebalance their professional lives.

Social Wellness

Humans are social beings, and when our social wellness suffers, so do we. By identifying and addressing issues with an individual’s social wellness—such as difficulties in maintaining interpersonal relationships with acquaintances, friends, and family—our coaches can help users find a happy and thriving social life, which will, in turn, make tackling issues in other dimensions of their wellness much easier.

Mental Health and Wellness

It goes without saying just how important mental health and wellness are to a happy and comfortable life. More so than any other dimension of wellness, an individual’s mental health has the most influence, both negative and positive, over the other dimensions. As such, achieving and maintaining a healthy mental state is an integral part of every one of our coach’s services.

Financial Wellness

A stable financial situation and the ability to afford both the bare necessities and leisure items are also important to one’s overall wellness. As such, an individual’s financial wellness is often the first victim when the other dimensions of wellness are unbalanced, whether that manifests in bad spending habits or risky financial decisions.

Intellectual Wellness

An individual’s intellectual wellness relates to their level of intellectual stimulation, whether that be through education or creative and critical-thinking activities. A diminished level of intellectual wellness can be rooted in issues such as creative blocks and a lack of motivation brought on by the imbalance of one’s mental health or physical wellness.

Physical Wellness

Finally, the last of the Six Dimensions of Wellness is physical wellness. Physical wellness is just as important to your overall happiness as all of the other dimensions of wellness. That’s because when your body is happy, it’s a lot easier for you to be happy as well! As such, some of the suggestions provided by your chosen Wellavi coach may include working on your personal physicality.

Using any combination of these Six Dimensions of Wellness, your chosen personal development coach will tailor their coaching services to best suit your exact needs. Doesn’t that sound great?

Find Success With Wellavi Today!

So, if you’ve been looking for a trustworthy and effective means of personal development, then you’ve happened upon just the right blog on just the right platform. Finding a personal development coach through our Wellavi wellness app is simple, exciting, and most of all—it works! If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us via email or by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. With Wellavi, you’ll be well on your way to achieving all of your goals in no time!

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