Nobody is perfect, and that’s just the way it should be! Imperfection means that we all have the capacity to improve and better ourselves regardless of what “better” means to us throughout our life. That said, the road to self-improvement isn’t always an easy trip. Setting the right, attainable goals to better your overall wellness can be monumental, especially when you try to tackle it all by yourself. Thankfully, if you’re looking for a little help along the way, a personal wellness coach is ready to offer guidance!

Quality personal wellness coaches have helped people from all walks of life set and achieve goals they never thought possible. However, finding “quality” help is essential because a personal wellness coach could make or break the success of your wellness journey. The beauty of personal wellness coaching is that it takes an all-encompassing look at the unique state of your life and well-being and can be molded perfectly to your needs and aspirations. But this is a big task and will require someone you trust — so where on earth are you going to find a personal wellness coach that is up to the task? Well, right here at Wellavi, of course!

Wellavi is an innovative platform that offers a transformative wellness coaching experience like no other! Using an advanced AI algorithm to curate a personalized experience that is unique to you, you’ll be offered a flexible range of personal wellness coaches to choose from. Each personal wellness coach will have a different model for offering guidance, so you’re encouraged to mix and match until you find one you’re completely satisfied with! Whether you’re looking for one-on-one sessions to work on your professional and financial goals, group sessions to work on your mental and social wellness, or just a source of accountability as you mostly self-navigate your path, Wellavi is happy to offer you the help you’re looking for.

However, our proprietary Six Dimensions of Wellness approach to self-improvement and wellness is one thing that ties all of our services and coaches together. With this blog, we’d like to go over what each dimension entails, the problems you may face with each one, and how a Wellavi personal wellness coach can help bring a given dimension back into balance. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

What are the Six Dimensions of Wellness

As mentioned above, the Six Dimensions of Wellness are how we approach and unify our coach’s services here at Wellavi. Separately, they each work to individually address a fundamental aspect of our day-to-day life and well-being. Together, we believe they encompass the entirety of one’s overall wellness, so when one is well-balanced, it will naturally help the others thrive as well. And if they’re all balanced and aligned, you’ll see how good proper wellness can truly feel.

“OK, but what are these mystical ‘dimensions’ of wellness?” Well, they’re a lot simpler than you may have imagined. The Six Dimensions of Wellness are as follows, in no particular order:

  • Physical Wellness
  • Professional Wellness
  • Intellectual Wellness
  • Financial Wellness
  • Social Wellness
  • Mental Wellness

Just by seeing them together in the bullet points above, you can begin to get a sense of how the different dimensions of wellness interplay with one another. 

For example, if you’re struggling with your physical and financial wellness, it would follow that it may be negatively impacting your mental wellness. Likewise, suffering mental and intellectual wellness could also be the root cause of what is throwing your social wellness out of balance. Even your professional and physical wellness can be deeply intertwined if you are unable to keep up with the day-to-day tasks your work gives you. 

So, let’s dig deeper into each of these important dimensions of your personal wellness.

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The Six Dimensions and How They Relate to You

Within each dimension of wellness that — when well-balanced — keeps you happy and healthy, a variety of problems can arise. But thankfully, you’ll also find a variety of effective solutions to these problems that a Wellavi personal wellness coach is sure to be able to help you with. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of each one.

Physical Wellness

First up for discussion is the physical dimension of wellness. This one is pretty self-explanatory as it relates to — you guessed it — your overall physical health. However, that doesn’t mean that the category itself is simple. Physical wellness is more than just remembering to do run-of-the-mill exercises every once in a while and eating healthy meals a few times a week; it’s about doing what needs to be done to keep your body feeling as good and healthy as it can be. This can mean having an exercise routine designed uniquely to your body type and weight goals, abstaining from certain foods and substances that are negatively affecting your body, or even changing certain lifestyle habits that are causing you to not feel your best.

Examples of Physical Wellness Issues

Some issues with your physical dimension of wellness that you may be facing might include the following:

  • A recent injury, which could be making your daily routine difficult to maneuver
  • A lack of motivation that has caused difficulty in keeping up with a personalized exercise routine
  • Dissatisfaction with your health or body image, which can exacerbate themselves and also harm the other aspects of your wellness

Professional Wellness

Professional wellness is often overlooked and forgotten because people resign themselves to the “Well, that’s just how work is” mentality that can wreak havoc on your overall wellness. Professional wellness can involve anything from your satisfaction with the work you do and your compensation for doing it to your happiness with the environment you work in and the flexibility you feel you have in your career path. As you can imagine, this dimension is heavily intertwined with your financial wellness since money issues can be rooted in lackluster professional wellness.

Examples of Professional Wellness Issues

A few problems with your professional dimension of wellness that you may be facing might include:

  • A general dissatisfaction with your current job, leading to a lack of motivation in the workplace
  • Disappointment in your chosen career or career path, causing unhappiness inside and outside of the workplace
  • Interpersonal problems with coworkers or bosses, which can make your job more difficult than you feel it should be
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Intellectual Wellness

This will likely come off as the vaguest of the Six Dimensions of Wellness. That’s because one’s intellectual wellness is unique from person to person and can vary in innumerable ways. Most commonly, intellectual wellness involves an individual’s satisfaction with their levels of mental stimulation. Some people find intellectual stimulation in the arts, such as music, painting, and poetry. Other people find intellectual stimulation in a life of learning and higher education, or even in their careers, if their profession and interests are well-aligned! Whatever the case is, keeping your mind active and satisfied is helpful in improving your overall wellness.

Examples of Intellectual Wellness Issues

A couple of issues with your intellectual dimension of wellness that you may be facing might include:

  • “Creative block” causes creatively inclined individuals to be unable to produce the amount or quality of work that they’d like.
  • A loss of interest in things you previously enjoyed can lead to general unhappiness or melancholy. 
  • Lack of curiosity exacerbates other intellectual wellness issues.

Financial Wellness

This is certainly a dimension of wellness that we’ve all struggled with or been stressed about from time to time. Financial wellness is one of the trickier aspects of your wellness to keep in check because, many times, the things that affect it most may simply be out of your control. Thankfully, that isn’t always the case. Financial wellness also involves a lot of actions that you can be personally accountable for, such as responsible spending habits, adequately saving a certain amount of money each paycheck, and making safe investments. And much like your physical well-being, it can also greatly affect your other dimensions of wellness.

Examples of Financial Wellness Issues

Problems with your financial dimension of wellness that you may be facing might include:

  • Reckless and poor spending habits, which can drain your bank accounts and lead to unnecessary financial strain
  • Risky investment strategies, which lead to upsetting financial losses that can range from minor to life-altering
  • An unhappiness with your current level of income, either due to personal aspirations or an inability to live comfortably
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Social Wellness

Social wellness is an aspect of one’s wellness that we have seen more and more people struggle with, especially in these post-pandemic times that are still so full of uncertainty. This dimension involves your satisfaction and overall engagement with social relationships and activities, which can mean anything from your happiness with the interpersonal and professional relationships you maintain to your comfort and enjoyment of getting out into the world, meeting new people, and experiencing new things.

Examples of Social Wellness Issues

Issues with your social dimension of wellness that you may be facing might include:

  • An inability to or difficulty in creating new interpersonal relationships, leading to a sense of social stagnation
  • An inability to or difficulty in maintaining interpersonal relationships, causing a loss of those connections
  • Anxiety or difficulty navigating and engaging in social situations, which can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness

Mental Wellness

We saved the mental wellness dimension for last because it is often the most important of all the dimensions (of course, the importance fluctuates from person to person). Your mental health is unique in that it can directly impact each of the other dimensions of wellness in both positive and negative ways. That means that it is by far the most important to address if you’re looking for a personal wellness coach to help you live the life that you want to. As you’re likely well aware, mental wellness involves your mental inner peace, controlling and reducing any mental health issues, and your overall happiness with the life you’re leading and the feelings you experience.

Mental Wellness Issues

Bothersome troubles with your mental dimension of wellness that you may be facing might include:

  • Difficulties with temporary or diagnosed mental health issues, which can create innumerable difficulties depending on what it is you’re struggling with
  • High levels of stress, which can be caused by imbalances in your other dimensions of wellness or improper stress-management tactics
  • Existential and philosophical anxieties that can impact your worldview and sense of inner peace
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So, How Can a Personal Wellness Coach Help?

A personal wellness coach will begin by working to understand the scope of your wellness struggles and goals and creating a plan of action to appropriately address the right underlying issues. At Wellavi, this is greatly aided by our TrueSelf assessments, which you’ll take as you create your account. These assessments will help generate unique insights into your well-being based on the Six Dimensions of Wellness, and those insights will act as the foundation from which your personal wellness coach will build a custom-tailored wellness program just for you.

With that information and plan at the ready, your journey toward better overall wellness can begin. Whether you’re encouraged by your personal wellness coach to find new modes of intellectual stimulation, they help you lay out a comprehensive and effective budget to reel in your expenses, or they help walk you through some healthy mental-health coping mechanisms, you’re sure to find the help you need. And if you aren’t satisfied with their help, there’s a whole network of coaches at your fingertips with Wellavi! 

How to Meet Your New Personal Wellness Coach Today!

So, have you decided it’s time to get your wellness back in check with a personal wellness coach? If so, Wellavi is the wellness app for you! Our certified coaches are experts in their chosen fields (and dimensions of wellness) and eager to help everyone they can. Whether you’re looking for weekly one-on-one coaching, the occasional group session, or a once-in-a-while on-demand program, you can set your own pace to ensure that your journey toward better overall wellness never becomes stressful or causes you to feel burned out.

All that’s left to do is sign up and start! We look forward to helping you create a new you — or revive the old one!

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