Money makes the world go ‘round — well, not literally, but it is an integral part of life in the modern age. Money offers us the means to afford all the essentials of a comfortable life. It also allows us the opportunity to explore new places, experience new things, and dabble in the luxurious side of life from time to time. People even dedicate their careers to working with or helping others with their money, such as financial advisors, economists, and personal finance coaches. So, as you can imagine, properly handling the money that you do have is a critical piece of finding financial success throughout your life.

Adequately building up a savings account will ensure that your finances will remain stable in case of any monetary emergencies. Sound stock investments (and other kinds) can offer you additional stability and even pay out more than you put in, leaving you with some extra cash for retirement. Moreover, knowing when, where, and how to spend will curtail reckless or harmful spending that could negatively affect your bank account balance. But with all the difficulties that come and go in life, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy financial situation and correct bad spending habits. Thankfully, finding a personal finance coach from Wellavi has become a go-to source of financial help for countless individuals such as yourself.

Our team at Wellavi has created a unique and innovative wellness platform that offers transformative wellness coaching of all kinds, from physical and mental wellness to intellectual wellness and personal finance. No matter what kind of wellness coaching you’ve been looking for, Wellavi is home to countless coaches you’ll be able to pick and choose from to find the ones you are most compatible with! Through nonjudgmental one-on-one sessions, welcoming group sessions, and various other activities and challenges, you can find the guidance you need on a schedule of your choosing!

So, what exactly is a personal finance coach? And how could one help you reshape your approach to your personal finances? We’d like to use this blog to tell you all about it!

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What Is a Personal Finance Coach?

A personal finance coach is a type of wellness coach that focuses on adjusting and improving your relationship with your personal finances and helping you set realistic and attainable financial goals for the future. This serves to improve your overall financial well-being and ensures that no other aspect of your general wellness — such as your physical, social, or mental wellness — is negatively impacted by financial mismanagement and poor monetary decision-making. 

Likewise, a personal finance coach can offer you advice in those other aspects of your wellness if they find that, for example, certain mental wellness issues have led you to excessive spending or irresponsible investment-making.

What They Do

More specifically, a personal finance coach will work with you closely to assess your overall financial situation and create a financial course of action that will redefine how you view and interact with your own money and money in general. This can be done by offering achievable and meaningful advice, creating budgets and spending restrictions, and even committing a certain amount of money to your savings account each month.

However, the first thing that will always be addressed when you connect with a personal finance coach is the resolution of any actively harmful financial practices, such as overspending and wasting money.

How a Personal Finance Coach Differs From a Financial Advisor

As you can imagine, there is plenty of overlap between what a financial advisor does and what a personal finance coach does. From reinforcing personal finance best practices to helping their clients establish financial stability, you’re likely to find similar advice from both departments. However, where they differ is in desired outcomes and the intricacy of the help provided financially.

Financial advisors take a more hands-on, finance-only approach to their services. This means that their work is solely based on providing you with solid financial advice and financial outcomes — and they do this by helping you make actual investments and up-to-date investing strategies.

On the other hand, a personal finance coach will help to work through both the personal and monetary aspects of your financial wellness — sacrificing the legal and financial decision-making that a financial advisor might be able to offer in exchange for coaching that seeks to improve your overall wellness by first addressing the financial.

However, don’t feel like you’re stuck with just one or the other. Often, a healthy combination of both is exactly what some people need to find the financial stability they’ve been looking for!

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Reasons You’d Want to Hire a Personal Finance Coach

Seeking help for personal finances is far more common than you might imagine. Especially in economic times that can be difficult for everyone, a sound voice of financial reason can really benefit one’s overall wellness. There are countless reasons you’d want to hire a personal finance coach, each one uniquely different and nuanced from person to person. A few of those reasons include:

You are unsure of how to approach any past or future financial commitments.

Life can throw a lot of big expenses in your direction, some of which you may not have previous experience dealing with. And if no one in your immediate social circle has experience with it, a personal finance coach is the resource you need to feel confident in handling any past or upcoming expenses. These financial commitments could include anything from racked-up credit card bills and medical expenses to real estate mortgages and vehicle loans.

You are struggling with overspending or reckless spending.

Reckless spending is often far more than obliviousness or incompetence in handling your personal finances. It is often a habit formed as a coping mechanism to stress and mental health issues and is even considered a form of self-harm in some cases. For whatever reason, you find yourself overspending — or if you aren’t sure what it is driving that behavior — a personal finance coach can help overcome those bad habits by helping you reframe your relationship with money and helping to diagnose other wellness issues that may be influencing your poor spending habits.

Your finances have negatively affected other aspects of your overall wellness.

 Whether you love it or hate it, money can have an immense effect on not just your day-to-day life but who you are and who you’re going to become moving forward. As such, living with financial issues can greatly affect and harm other aspects of your well-being, which is why a personal finance coach could help avoid personal catastrophe. 

For example, financial instability and stress can, first and foremost, take a massive toll on your mental health by making that stress an ever-present feeling no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going. Likewise, financial issues can also impact your social and intellectual well-being by causing you to be overwhelmed by stress to the point of inaction or, even worse, causing you not to have the funds to maintain those important aspects of your wellness.

You simply want to improve your relationship with your finances.

You may also consider seeking a personal finance coach here at Wellavi, even if you don’t have any clear and present financial issues or shortcomings. Wanting a little bit of self-improvement is more than enough reason! So, whether you’re looking for saving tips or just want to better understand how your finances can impact the other areas of your wellness, Wellavi has a coach for you.

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Choosing the Right Personal Finance Coach

Before we tell you why you should find a personal finance coach through Wellavi, we’d like to go over a few things you need to consider when shopping around for your personal finance confidant. The main points to consider are as follows:


As with any profession, you want to make sure the individual you’re hiring is qualified for the job and has previous experience in the field or one very similar. A good personal finance coach will have a trove of experience in some form of financial-related career, whether as an economist, banker, business owner, or financial advisor. But experience isn’t always enough; a history of success is equally important, if not more so. You wouldn’t want a personal finance coach who has left their clients worse off financially, would you?


A personal finance coach is there to help you with your finances, not drain them. So, when considering a finance coach, make sure you’re not getting short-changed right out of the gate. Be sure to shop around and compare price points between a variety of coaches and always ensure that the cost of their coaching matches the services they are offering. Or, you can find your personal finance coach through Wellavi and be confident that money will never be an issue when it comes to finding a coach that suits you best.


Life in today’s modern world is more fast-paced and chaotic than ever before, which can make scheduling time for wellness sessions pretty difficult. That means, for obvious reasons, you’ll need to find a coach who can operate during the hours you’re free from work and other commitments, whether early morning, late at night, or a quick 30-minute session while on your lunch break. 

Likewise, flexible scheduling is an essential feature of any wellness coach’s services. As we already said, life can get a bit crazy at times, so having a personal finance coach that will happily reschedule sessions even at a moment’s notice is something to watch for. And with Wellavi, scheduling your wellness sessions has never been easier (but we’ll get into that in a minute).


Finally, any wellness coach you choose should offer a variety of session lengths to ensure you can get the most out of every meeting. From brief, 30-minute sessions to more thorough, hour-long group meetings, our Wellavi coaches offer countless lengths and intensities of wellness sessions to ensure you can get the exact help you’re looking for.

Give Wellavi a Try

 Our best tip for finding a personal finance coach to help you redefine your financial situation is this: Give Wellavi a try! Our unique platform works like this:

You’ll begin by signing up for Wellavi and creating your account with all the necessary basic information. Once that’s complete, it’ll be time for you to review our proprietary Wellavi TrueSelf assessment. The assessment will give our advanced AI algorithm the information it needs to create and offer a selection of custom-designed wellness programs and coaches to choose from and mix and match as you see fit!

Each personal finance coach you are potentially paired with will have a unique program and set of services available. You’ll also be able to see their schedule and hours to ensure that those timelines work well for you. This ensures that you spend less time browsing and more time self-improving.

We hope our algorithm finds the perfect match for your needs, but if you’re ever left unsatisfied with your current coach, we encourage you to try another! Our TrueSelf recommendations are just that — recommendations. Here at Wellavi, we give you the utmost freedom to choose how you want to walk along your path to better wellness.\

Personal Finance Coaching the Wellavi Way!

So if you’ve decided that a personal finance coach is something you’d like to have in your life, your best bet to find one that will help you achieve even more than you expect is by signing up for Wellavi today. Through our Six Dimensions of Wellness approach to wellness — addressing your physical, mental, social, intellectual, professional, and, of course, financial — our coaches offer a unique, holistic set of services tailored to their own personal coaching styles. If that sounds good to you, then sign up and get started today with a Wellavi personal finance coach!

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