Thanks & Giving: Building Your Brain For Abundance

November 14, 2023, 01:00 PM ET

Because of the American Thanksgiving holiday, we hear about thankfulness a lot during November. In this class, we’re going beyond the seasonal trend and are exploring the REASON for gratitude.

Join us as we look at the proven health benefits of gratitude and how we can use it to retrain our brains. We’ll dive into exactly how the concepts of “Giving” and “Gratitude” can help us move out of a scarcity mindset.

Does that resonate with you?

Even if you just want to fall in love with your life a little bit more, this webinar is for you. We’re giving you effective tools and steps you can take to help you see the “gift” in the challenges all around you. Led by expert Wellavi coach Jane Wolery.

About our speaker:

Jane Wolery has 30 years of experience, teaching students ages 2-92 in a variety of settings and topic areas. Jane is an educator, coach, speaker, and facilitator. She served as a university life skills outreach professor for nearly three decades. Jane has experience teaching lifespan topics including personal goal completion, leadership development, health and wellness, financial management, mental health, and caregiving. Using her background and master’s degree in counseling and development, Jane enjoys serving others through mentoring and coaching. She is extremely grateful for the ways her life has been enriched by others … including YOU if you’re able to join us on November 14.

See you there!

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